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Brilliant game! Fun, imaginative, unique concept and still challenging. I genuinely got stumped at some of the puzzles and rather than feeling frustrated, wanting to search for the solution elsewhere, it was a joy to try to figure it out of myself. Like the music, although my only complaint is that it can get a little repetitive after enough gameplay, but I like the style and composition.

The animations and visual design is great. Well crafted with a lot of care and attention, I would highly recommend it and am looking forward to playing the full game!


We really enjoyed playing this game. Puzzle mechanics are great, the 2d / 3d mashup is stunning, and we love the whole feel of the game. Thanks for making this, we hope you enjoy watching us play the first few levels of the demo.

For those that want to see more of this gameplay.

This Games Awesome But It Crashed 2 times for me in less than 15 mins heres my lp of it

Hey BLS,

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the heads up about it crashing. We will look into it.

ok Thanks!


This game has a lot of potential. I would love to see this game get completed. I just made a LP vid out of it, by the way. Cheers! :D


A very different and unique platforming game that has a lot of cool idea's and potential! Really eager to see how much more you guys will put into it and definitely started following this after seeing that it was on steam greenlight. The movements of the little stick-man is really fluid, while also the transitions make it feel like it's not too harsh and actually moving along with the character's movements to either go forward or backward was a clever way to move onto the next platform. It's very fascinating and can't wait to see how it all comes out!

Also played this and wanted to share it, hope you don't mind~!


Holy CRAP this is fun! I can't wait for the finished product now :D

Made a let's play. Hope it helps!

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Thanks a lot! There will be around 50 actual levels for the main story. Not including all of the areas between puzzles where you get to explore a little. We are hoping to have a special area that will be "Kickstarter backer" created puzzles (if you are a backer of that tier). So that could be a lot of fun as well!

The game will first come out on PC for Mac, Windows and Maybe Linux if it doesn't give us any problems. PS4 a couple of months after the PC release.

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yes we do! it's

Thanks so much for the support!


amazing!! cant wait to play the finished game!!


Why is this free?


oh its a demo


Can't say I've played a puzzle game like that before. Especially a puzzle game I enjoyed so much! The only thing I didn't like was that it ended... aha!

Awesome game! Can't wait for the full release.


Lovely game!


Brilliant game! You guys have definitely hit a unique concept! While doing a lets-play i did however encounter a little glitch which i captured on video, so maybe take a look and potentially look into fixing it. But amazing game never the less!

(3:30 the glitch occurs if you don't want to watch the whole lets play)

Sorry about that!

Yes, we are aware of that glitch and will be fixing it along with a few others very shortly. What happened was, you were still clicking on the sign piece when you hit "F" and the game thought you were still moving the sign while in "play mode". It's an easy fix that we overlooked. Thanks for catching that!

Thanks for playing! Based off of how quickly you made it through the demo, I can tell you have played a few puzzle games before ;). Great video!


Hahaha, I have played a few puzzle games indeed! Not all have gone as well as pedestrian tho!

Definitely looking forward to what you guys have in store for the full game!

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Super fun demo! Definitely going to play the full game when it comes out!

My Playthrough of the demo:


Very creative idea! It tells such a great story!


Very fun demo, looking forward to the full game!


that was a lot of fun, I usually hate puzzle games but this was interesting!


I adore this game! It was so fun and creative; I'm really looking forward to the Steam release and new/more challenging puzzles. Thanks so much for sharing! I did a let's play, if you care to check it out.

Thanks again!


I REEAAALLLYYY liked this game, I sincerely hope you guys take this game to a new level because I would really like to play a full version of this. It's not extremely hard but it does require you to use your brain in a way that it isn't normally used. Music was great. It looked great. Just everything about it was great. I hope to see more in the future.


I MUST ADMIT, when I found that this was a PUZZLE game, I thought I would never beat it... I have the IQ of a new born bunny who is facing a DASTARDLY HUNGRY FOX. With that being said... I did it. I survived all of your puzzles without LYNCHING myself... BTW this game is pretty fun, play it for yourself bros !

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Loved the demo, can't wait for the full version!

I would recommend it to anybody who asks!

My Video on the Demo

i want to buy it but it wont let me i do have the money and all the information is correct but still it wont let me

Im not sure how to fix that... The demo is free and I would rather you simply enjoy playing it. Thanks for trying to donate! It is very much appreciated :).


I've played a TON of indie games for my channel, and I can honestly say this is by far one of my favorite ones yet.

Insanely stoked to keep up with this game, great work to the entire team!


I've made my first ever video on YT and it's this game :D

I really enjoyed it. Fix info on your site tho ( says you have 4 workers and your site says that there's only 3)

Congratulations on your first YouTube video! It was great. The fourth member on our team is the musician and he is slightly new. Thanks for catching the inconsistency on our website. :)


Wait did i just paid for an fuckin Demo???? Wow seriously?

I apologize for the confusion. We did put in the description that this is a free 10 minute demo. Although any money donated is greatly appreciated and will go directly back into the development of the game, no one is required to pay. We want everyone to get a chance to try the game for free!

If you'll contact us here: and use the same email you purchased the game with, we will work on reimbursing you.



Wow that demo was mindbending! But why did it have to end so soon? The demo was soooo fun!!! When it comes out I will buy it!


All signs are looking good for this unique puzzle-platformer which asks the question: what if the stickmen on signs could move?

All in all a promising demo which gives me high hopes for the final release. Good luck team!


I really enjoyed making a video on this, the way that you made the game area so simple and the perspective of and detail in the background was great, good job.

Made a video -


The Pedestrian

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Loved this game, it was not what I was expecting at all, but it turned out so great when I sat down and played, the puzzle aspect the music, and the colors so vibrant I cannot wait till the full get released good work Skookum Arts! my hats off to you! and I wish you the best of luck! Here is my gameplay if you wish or any need a reference to why this game is FREAKING EPIC!


Downloaded this on a whim. Glad I did! Very original, looking forward to seeing more.

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I love the idea, and how unique it is. I haven't seen other games like this and that's good! I like the pretty background and the puzzles are interesting! Can't wait to see the full game!


Liked the idea alot :) just a couple of usability things I would personally try

Maybe an in-game cursor that doens't go invisible when you are dragging a connector. Maybe connected pieces also move together when using one mouse button but not the other.

Hey NWin,

Thanks for the suggestions! I really like to moving everything with one button idea. We will have to try that out!


Totally loved this one!! Great concept that works super well, the surroundings look super nice with cool details! Can't wait for the full release!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!


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Brilliant work, very fresh and vibrant, I loved that there was no language barrier at all. The amount of depth in the background and environments around the puzzles amazed me. I look forward to your kickstarter!



It's nice to finally play your game! I was waiting for it since I saw an idea of it. And the demo is now out :D

So, the main thing of the game is to travel around the beautiful industrial scenery. But there is an interesting premise. You are a little stickman that we all used to draw when we were kids. (Okey, if you were special and didn't draw him, look at the pedestrian crossing sign. Yeah, I'm talking about this handsome man). Speaking of signs, your new mean of transportation around the world is now solving puzzles by connecting lots of signs in the right order, so you can go through them to your destination. Seems easy enough, right?

If we talk about gameplay in general, it is pretty intuitive and easy to pick up. Plus, you have these mysterious and conveniently places TVs showing tutorials on their screens. And it's a good thing. Noone wants to be stuck solving some puzzle and be stuck figuring out controls at the same time.

Puzzle-wise, the game isn't so hard. But I imaging it becoming much harder after some time. The puzzles though are fun to solve, since it's another way of looking at things like that.

The visuals of the game are stunning. It has these realistic looking backgrounds telling you story of the place. So, pay attention to details!

The music is nice and relaxing. It makes you remain calm trying to solve puzzles and puts you in a good mood. Some can say, it is therapeutic in some way.

I'm really curious to know if there is a story behind all of this or it is a story about places you visit.

All n' all, it's really enjoyable experience. I'm looking forward to seeing it's further development! Good luck with the game and Kickstarter campaign!

I made a video on the game if someone wants to see a real life reactions to it:

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