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Here is where you'll find the free demo for our game The Pedestrian!

If you haven't seen it before, The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that takes an interesting twist on the genre. It's a build-your-own-solution game with a unique art style centered around public signs, e.g., male & female bathroom symbols, elevator symbol, etc. The Pedestrian is set to release in 2019. It will be available on Steam Mac & PC.

Planning, moving, connecting, adjusting, tweaking, winning! Puzzles are simple - get from the start to the end, but as they say, "It's not the destination, it's the journey." Use creativity to rearrange and connect the signs to create a path to continue your journey. The Pedestrian must use his creative ability and puzzle-solving skills to avoid and overcome obstacles in the signs.

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Disclaimer: The demo below lasts about 10 minutes. The goal is to teach the player the basic puzzle mechanics and give a taste of the environment. Please keep in mind this is the "tutorial area" so all the puzzles are very basic. Thanks for playing!


the-pedestrian-demo-windows.zip 203 MB
Version 4 Jan 17, 2017
the-pedestrian-linux.zip 200 MB
Version 1 Jan 31, 2017
the-pedestrian-demo-mac.zip 207 MB
Version 3 Jan 17, 2017

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I enjoyed the demo, it is beautifully executed and ran flawlessly.  My only criticism at this point was that it was a bit too easy, and despite it's beautiful appearance, not particularly exciting.  


Played The Pedestrian and it's very promising. Interested in seeing if the final game's puzzles are going to have more ways to solve/rearrange pieces.

Thank you for making such an awesome game really enjoyed it keep up the amazing work. 

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lolo lololololololool i bims eins deutscher und ich bin fly am beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen XD iam stupid... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut a good game i see in here

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Hace unos meses hice un video para tu juego. Está en español porque es mi idioma, pero puedes disfrutarlo con subtítulos si es un problema. Espero que te guste.

Hace unos pocos meses hice un video de este juego. Esta en español. Realmente espero que puedan disfrutarlo.

I LOVE THIS GAME. I am so hyped for it : ]

and also it seems like a really good game you guys did a really great job 

I can not play it I play on Xbox it would be wonderful if you could add it to console that would be great 

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Great original concept. Well executed. Good grapics.  I really enjoyed it.

I do however have a little critism:

1. The jumping doesn't always work. Sometimes my character didn't jump when I pressed the jump button. It wasn't easy for me to recreate when it didn't work, but I think it's something like this: Jump,  land, walk a few steps,  press the jump button again, and it didn't work.

2. I wound like the cursor to disapear when I'm not in "puzzle mode". I don't know if it's possible in Unity though

Otherwise I hope you introduce more mecanics as the game progresses. Mabye something where something in the background has an impact on the signs and the other way around. A little bit like in The Witness. I might be a little late on that suggestion though.

I can't wait to se the final product.

Hey Fich!

I'm happy you enjoyed it! We really appreciate feedback, especially when people have ideas about making it better.

1. Not quite sure about the jumping. The build that is here on Itch is actually pretty old. So most likely the bug is fixed. I'll keep an eye out though.

2. We will definitely disable the cursor when you're not in puzzle-mode. It's mostly enabled right now because it's easier for working in Unity if the cursor doesn't disappear all the time.

There are three more major mechanics that are introduced later in the game. Two of them interact with the 3D world quite heavily.

Thanks again for the feedback! It's really helpful and encouraging :) Have a great weekend!

I saw a video for this game a few weeks ago. Saw it on my wishlist and remembered there was a demo. I LOVE IT! very unique and very addictive. The demo levels are pretty easy, but i can see the difficulty escalating very very nicely with the mechanics you have set in place. 10000% will buy as soon as its available to.

Very good game! This is like Continuity, but with a nice twist!

I named him Matt

(The thumbnail is for the 2nd game eheh)

This is an interesting game that has an awesome, unique spin from your average puzzle games. Some will be so time-consuming that it gets boring very quick. Not this one! I could definitely see a lot more crazy obstacles being added to boggle you. I'm curious of when the full release will be? 

Great work!

This is an awesome game! one of the most fun puzzle platformers I've seen. I have no problems with this game, other than it being too short :P. I cant wait for its release

This is a really cool game with a really cool concept! The graphics are incredible too. But I have one small complaint; I'm wondering if it would be possible for the keys to be picked up automatically when you ran past them, that way you don't have to stop and press E for everything. As far as I can see, there is never a time when you don't want to pick up a key, so I don't think this would become a problem.

Hey Sammy. Glad you enjoyed it! The reason we have it that way is for puzzle purposes later in the game. Otherwise you're totally right we could have it auto pickup. Thanks for the suggestion.

it was too short but really Entertaining...
waiting for full release .

this was fun and it made me think 

Downloading now... Looks very interesting.... Definitely one I want to see finished.

I would recommend to bind jump to W instead of spacebar. It would be more effective

Thanks for the suggestion. The only reason we aren't doing that now, is the elevator uses W to go up. So it would mean you could never jump on an elevator. Which might not be a bad thing. We'll give it some thought.


Played this on my channel. I loved it a lot and can't wait for the full release! 

Playing a puzzle game like this was so much fun. I love the concept and am so excited to see the full game 

I know I'm like a year late to this one. But I had seen the game a few times and had wanted to play it myself. Glad to see  that it's still in development! I'll definitely be playing the full version when it's done!

This game is really interesting and truly innovative! I've never come across something like this. It's kinda like Portal, but way cooler! 

Really liked the demo, cool puzzles!

Bakarsanız sevinirim :) 


loved it so much! fun playing this game! everyone must try! i hope u guys will make more new game like this!


Played your game at GDex with one of my professors from Cleveland Institute of Art and had a blast beating him to the end. Very Excited to see the full game soon!?


Amazing game, great art style and wonderful puzzles, I really don't know what else you could ask for I can't wait to see more of this game and what it will be in the future keep up the great work!  

I enjoyed this game alot! so i made a video on it :) Check it out 


Is the Full version going to cost money?


This is such an interesting and fun game. I really liked moving between each puzzle and the way you introduced new concepts with animations in the environment. I'll be sure to get the full game when it hits steam


This game has an amazing concept had a lot of fun playing it!  

Gamepad controls don't work, plz help D:

Sorry about that, but we don't fully have controller support yet. you'l have to use your mouse and keyboard. the controls are as follows:

A/D or left/right arrow keys: Left and right movement.

S or down arrow key: Drop through dotted lines and travel down elevators

W or up arrow key: Travel up elevators

Spacebar: Jump

E: Interact

F: Puzzle mode

Mouse: Click and drag sign pieces around


One of the most innovative, creative and genuinely FUN games I have ever played! I need more! :D 


Aquí les dejo mi Gameplay de este juego Espero sus Comentarios

Amazing game!

i loved it i hope the full game comes soon!! 

well the demo doesnt work for 32bit computers!

I never thought being in a roadsign would be that fun and puzzling xD i like this new approach to platform puzzle games.

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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