August Update : Video devlog

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We’re well into August already and it seems like the summer is flying by! This month had a wide variety of activities, ranging from new tools to shiny assets. So without further ado, enjoy the August update.

From this update forward we’re going to make a companion version of the update in video form. If you’d rather watch a nicely edited video instead of this boring text version, click below.

Development Progress

Here is our graph showing the progress on the project. The red is this month’s completed progress.

Task Manager

We’ve changed up our task management multiple times over the course of development, to try and find something that works well with us. Our newest iteration is a task manager built into Unity. The tool contains a list of tasks that we can organize, assign, filter and place deadlines on. We’re also able to mark assets in the scenes with a task, as a visual reminder.

Sign visual alterations

Continued work has gone into making signs fit the environment by using shaders. We can add metallic maps and additional albedo maps on a per-sign basis so that each sign can uniquely fit it’s surroundings. The new maps mixed with the custom meshes will create a more realistic look to our signs.

Elevator and Train

The elevator and train areas have gotten a little facelift this month. We’re on a continued mission to add in more visual feedback, such as camera shake, flashing indicators, and animated dials. All these elements combine to create a more understandable transition.


More life and differentiation in the rooftops. All of our backgrounds were looking samey, so we spruced it up a bit. We added in more strategic lighting, steam, and animated some of the background elements.


Another area that is roughly done visually with just some places that looked a little bare and unrealistic. So we added in some more decals on things to break up monotony, specifically on the road.


A cluster of assets that we created this month.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet that is a direct export from our task manager. They are the completed tasks from our last month in all it’s nitty gritty glory.

That’s it for this month. So far our projected timeline is still on track and good progress is being made. Thanks for reading through our update. If you have any ideas or suggestion feel free to leave a comment.

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